Art Show

Mountain Trails Annual Christmas Miniature Show

Whether you're a confirmed Christmas shopaholic or just want to browse our gorgeous gallery to check out the new artwork, don't miss Mountain Trails Fine Art's annual Christmas Miniature Show!  Our newly arrived selection of paintings and sculptures are reasonably priced, making them perfect for this holiday season.

Come meet the artists at our reception on Friday, December 11th from 4-7 p.m.  We will have hot cider, coffee, hot chocolate, eggnong, and Christmas cookies.  Many of our artists will be here to chat with during the festivities.

If you won't be in town, just give us a call and we'll help you get that special piece under your Christmas tree!


Vonn Rosser-Olympic Hunter Jumper
Ty Barhaug - Winter Shadows 11x8
Ty Barhaug - Cowboy Mobil Home 8.5x9
Ty Barhaug
T.D. Kelsey - Memories 3x5x3
Susan Kliewer- Thirsty Man Ed./45
Susan Kliewer- Putter Man  Ed./45
Susan Kliewer- Buckaroo Man Ed./45
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 9
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 8
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 7
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 6
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 5
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 4
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 3
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 2
Steve Schrepferman - Spirit Jar 1
Rosetta -Vantage Point
Rosetta - Who Goes There
Rosetta - Tiffany
Rosetta - Samantha
Rosetta - On the  Alert
Rosetta - Norton
Rosetta - Jaspar
Rosetta - Bobcat
Rocky Hawkins - Indigo Drift 12x12
Rocky Hawkins - Archer Target 12x12
Rocky Hawkins - Archer Stronghold 12x12
Rocky Hawkins - Archer Strangness 12x12
Ray Kobald - The Reception
Ray Kobald - Ravens
Pete Zaluzec - Snow Bison
Pete Zaluzec - Runnin Grizz 14x17
Pete Zaluzec - Preening Sparrow 14x17
Pete Zaluzec - Last Look Back 14x17
Pete Zaluzec - Great Horned Owl Alert
Pete Zaluzec - Corkscrew
Mark McKenna - Prowling 7x5
Maria D'Angelo California Spur 8x10
Maria D'Angelo - Whispers from the Past 12x12
Lisa Danielle - Tesuque Tresure 8x5
Lisa Danielle - Little Black on Red 5x5
Lisa Danielle - Early Arizonans 6x8
Lisa Danielle - A Beaded Beauty 10x8
Lee Bogel- The Angel 5.5x11
Lee Bogel- Perfect Union 6.5x6
Lee Bogel- Graceful Beauty 9.75x4.75
Lee Bogel- Embracing Winter 6x12
Laurie Lee- On Parade
Laurie Lee- A Little Shade
Laurie Lee - Winter Symphony 5x7
Laurie Lee - Summer  Symphony 7x5
Laurie Lee - Spring Symphony 5x7
Laurie Lee - Autumn Symphony 5x7
Kimbal Warren- Red Willows 8x10
Kimbal Warren- Monument Valley 9x12
Kimbal Warren- Into the Canyon 12x12
Kimbal Warren- Camelback Mountain 8x10
Jordyn Payne- Somewhere in Michigan 8x10
John Potter - The Wolf Horse 10x8
Jimmy Dyer - Hereford Cow 8x10
Jimmy Dyer - Bull Bison in the Sage 8x10
Jessica Garrett -Western Light  6x8
Jessica Garrett -Rose Colored Night 6x6
Jessica Garrett - Serene Summit 6x6
Jessica Garrett - Morning Light 8x10
Jessica Garrett - Fading Sun 8x10
Jessica Garrett - Dawn 6x8
Hugh Greer - House at  San Cristobal 6x8
Hugh Greer - Canyon Road Retail 8x6
Howard Carr - Playing Hook - E 8x10
Hereford Calf - Jimmy Dyer 8x10
Dustin Payne - Cactus Jack
Dennis Jones - Rhino Bookends
David Mayer - Willows and Ice 8x6
Dan Deuter - Winter Nap 5x7
Dan Deuter - Winter Camp 5x7
Dan Deuter - Company For Christmas 8x10
Craig Kosak- Ganado Blanket #2
Craig Kosak- Ganado Blanket #1
Craig Kosak- Chilkat Blanket #5
Craig Kosak- Chilkat and Raven Blanket #1
Cheri Capello - Medicine Bag
Cheri Capello - Cheyenne Princess Burial Moccasins
Brent Lawrence - Fish
Brent Lawrence - Elk
Brandon Bailey -Spring Run 6x6
Brandon Bailey - Stranger in the Night 8x10
Brandon Bailey - Old Rodeo Bull 6x6
Brandon Bailey - Longhorn Head Study 10x8
Brandon Bailey - Flower 8x10
Betty Carr - Distant Vista 10x10
Andrew Skorut - Yellow Trees 8x8
Andrew Skorut - Winter Sunset 12x12
Alvini Marshall - Little Ladybug
Alvin Marshall -Pollen Girl
Alvin Marshall - Yellow Bird
Allison French - Sea Foam 6x6
Allison French - Crimson Beach 6x6
Allison French - At Peace 8x8
Alan Kruse - Moonrise on Peace Creek Camp