Why We Wasted a Fifteen-Foot Gallery Wall

It’s a great wall, too, beautifully painted in a soft taupe shade that really brings out the lush hues of the oils and acrylics we typically hang there. Only now, there are ten vinyl cutouts and a Mission Statement taking up that pricey space.

Are we nuts? Pretty much, but that’s beside the point! The cutouts (see attached photo) represent our Core Values and our Mission Statement here at Mountain Trails. I know what you’re thinking… moneymaking enterprises don’t really have “core values,” except as a marketing ploy. But the reason we’re all here, doing this, goes much, much deeper than the bottom line.

Every team member at Mountain Trails is genuinely in love with art. We either create it, have created it, or have lived and worked around those who do. We all spend our hard-earned money collecting it ourselves. We can’t help but walk this walk. When people enter our gallery, they often comment on our knowledge, enthusiasm and friendliness. I believe that’s because it’s who we genuinely are, rather than a skill-set we forced ourselves to learn. We live and breathe this stuff, and wouldn’t have it any other way. I must have heard “This is our favorite gallery in Santa Fe,” at least a thousand times, and we hear it on a daily basis. We’re convinced that Our Core Values are the reason why. We put our heads together to articulate who we are and how we feel about what we do, and these are the results:

Mountain Trails Core Values
God – Jesus as at the center of our values and decisions.
Not Saltine – We have a personality; a pulse. We have fun and you might even catch us smiling!
The Artist’s Voice – We bring the artist’s heart to your home.
Art Junkies – Art is the spice of life. We love this stuff!
Top Shelf – Quality speaks for itself every time. We seek out the most genuine artists, with the best art.
No Gossip – We love drama. Just not that kind.
Goonies Never Say Die – We possess a “never give up” attitude and are a tightly knit team.
Customer Happiness – We want you happy. We love happy!
Grass Roots – We’re not stuck up. We worked hard to get here, we recognize everyone who helped and we care about our community.
Power of Try – We’re not the “sit and wait” type. We’re here to “crush it!”

When customers first see the wall they’ll usually say, “What the heck is this?” But they often end up taking pictures and discussing the messages. Here are a few of the comments I’ve overheard:

“We could feel the positive energy in here the minute we walked in. And it’s all coming from this room.”

“This place just feels different. Very welcoming and authentic. And this wall explains why.”

“We love this! It’s so inspiring, and we commend you for putting it up for everyone to see. We agree with all of it!”

And finally, there’s our Mission Statement:
“Mountain Trails is passionate about art, and connecting artists and their stories with collectors and their homes. We do this with openness, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, humor and skill.”

We really do love our collectors, we love our artists, and we think our staff is not too shabby, either. Thanks so much for helping us make Mountain Trails the exceptional gallery that it is today. We couldn’t do it without you!