Nick Allen


Nick Allen is a Boise, Idaho native, currently residing in northern Wyoming with his wife and three kids.  Nick has owned and operated his own portrait studio since 2007, his true passion is photography, specifically capturing breathtaking landscapes. For more than half of Nick’s life he has been working behind the camera.  His hope is that his love and passion for his medium speaks for itself through his portfolio of captivating imagery.  Nick’s desire is not only to capture the world how it is, but also seeing it in a way it could be, seeing it like nobody else does, and bringing that to life.  He captures beauty in the ordinary, working to make the wonderful even more amazing, his work is meant to inspire and to ultimately make a difference.  Nick truly believes we are all given gifts that are meant to change the world, whether it’s on a global scale or in our own homes. There is no greater joy for Nick than when he sits with a client, tears in their eyes, because he was able to capture a moment for them that will be enjoyed forever. Through the lens of his camera and his work, Nick has the privilege of hearing his clients’ life stories, hopes and dreams, successes and failures, and in as little as one image he can tell their story to the world! Nick’s photography is an extension of who he is, a part of his soul.   Nicks work adorns many homes throughout the Rocky Mountain region, including many notable private collections.


  • Numerous Photos in Public and Private Collections
  • Business coach in Wealth and Photography


Professional Portrait I
Senior Portrait III
Senior Portrait II
Senior Portrait I
Business Portrait II
Business Portrait I
Home Portrait I
Auto Portrait II
Auto Portrait I
Rugged Resilience
Light Touched Pillars
Grazing in the Valley
Frigid Torrent
Canyon that Time Created