Jordyn Payne Guthrie


On a stifling summer evening under an auburn sky, just outside the peaks of the Three Sisters in the Organ Mountains, an artist was born. Jordyn Ashley Payne, first daughter to Vic and Vicky Payne, began her life on August, 17th 1989 in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Following four generations of ancestors born before her, Jordyn was then taken to her home in the reputable Lincoln County. Two years later the family headed North to the Rocky Mountains. She would begin her childhood in the town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. From a very young age the artist in her became apparent. At only the age of 10, her vivid imagination, and ability to create vibrant colors was depicted in her first painting. It was a seascape, crafted only from her mind’s eye, thousands of miles from the closest ocean. For the young artist, this was only the tip of the iceberg. When she isn’t painting, Jordyn’s most personal interests remain in the great outdoors, reflecting so much of the artwork she has fashioned. In the rivers of Alaska her passion for fly fishing began. Today, amongst her many talents fly fishing continues to fuel her inspiration. Jordyn has spent time deepening her perception of color and closeness to nature, from the Red Rocks of Utah to the deserts of New Mexico, to the peaks of the Tetons and through the vast forests of Yellowstone. She has hiked, fished, explored and absorbed the meaning of the Wilderness throughout her young life. Amongst her travels she has also studied alongside many artists including Robert Moore and Michael Ome Untiedt. It is from these experiences, that she has captivated her audience. It is her unmatchable ability to capture such intriguing hues and shades of color of the brutal but beautiful honesty of the outdoors—to experience familiarity, the cold of winter, the smell of rain, the sound of aspen leaves quaking, or the kiss of sun on your skin. The feeling her artwork can bring can be matched only by the actual presence of the humbled artist herself. This keen ability earned her the “Gilly Fales Award” in 2014 for the Young Aspiring Artists. The Award-Winning Painting was displayed by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming. Jordyn makes her home in the notorious town of Meeteetse, Wyoming on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park, surrounded by her close family and friends. It is in this quaint western town that she has written many a song to play on her acoustic guitar, gives painting lessons to her nephew, finds new inspirations for her work and atop her career spends her time being a loving daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.    


  • 2014 Gilly Fales Fine Art Award, Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale


As Autumn Leaves
All Things Merge Into One
Can You See Me
Golden Hour
Heart Strings
Summer Daze
Alpine Meadows
The Last Leaves Of Fall
Old Chico Convoy
Breath Deep SOLD
Early Riser SOLD
On The Valley SOLD
Red Creek SOLD
Jack Creek SOLD
The Revival SOLD
Over The Big Blue Mountains SOLD
Rustic Roots SOLD
Rustlin and Ramblin SOLD
Daydream SOLD
Just Me And The Silence SOLD
If Not For Fall SOLD
Sunday Sunshine SOLD
Skyward SOLD
Golden Messenger SOLD
Bitter Root SOLD
Country Rd SOLD
Down Home SOLD
My Soul Sings To Thee SOLD
Rest In Your Embrace SOLD
Wildwood Whisper SOLD
Where Love Grows SOLD
No Need For Bread Crumbs SOLD
Let's Be Still SOLD
It Must Have Been A Dream SOLD
Friends on the Front Porch SOLD
Fall Fervency SOLD
Enchanted SOLD
Sing to Me Autumn SOLD
Afternoon Rising SOLD
A Day in the Life SOLD
Refuge North of the Rio SOLD
The Hay Meadow SOLD
Tall by the Terrace SOLD
Periwinkle Poplars SOLD
Momentary Shadows SOLD
June Creek SOLD
Dog Days Study SOLD
Creedance SOLD
Down by the Cottonwoods SOLD
Bright on the Bighorns SOLD
Subtle Rays of Light SOLD
Ralston Beauty SOLD
Waching the Leaves Fall SOLD
Shadows on the Hillside SOLD
Heaven Bound SOLD
Atop the Big Horns SOLD
Grove of Ochre SOLD
Reminence (Triptych) SOLD
Pathway to the Pines SOLD
In the Limelight SOLD
Cold Feet, Sun on My Face, Study SOLD
Finding Elegance SOLD
Sisters in Yellowstone SOLD
Heaven Bound (Study Size) SOLD
Lily Lake SOLD
Walking Through Wildflowers SOLD
Cold Feet, Sun on My Face SOLD
Sleepy Creek SOLD
Imperious SOLD
Flakes of Amythest SOLD
Crimson Canopy SOLD
Dusty Meadow SOLD
Vermillion Meadow SOLD
Summer Breeze SOLD
September Sway SOLD
Maple Creek SOLD
From the Mountains SOLD
Against the Rouge SOLD
Autumn Ambrosia SOLD
Silver Lining SOLD
Sugar Mountain SOLD
Sun Days SOLD
Winter Waiting SOLD