Jessica Garrett


Jessica Garrett is an emerging artist who currently resides in Arizona. Her oil paintings consist of landscapes throughout the Western United States. Jessica has been interested in art since she was a child and showed a promising talent for drawing at an early age. In 2005 she was awarded a scholarship from Scottsdale Artists’s School and took a workshop with R.A. Heichberger. She continued to study under him, and by 2007 she was able to have a career in fine art. She has also taken workshops from Chris Saper, Kevin Macpherson and, most recently, Tim Deibler. Jessica enjoys creating oil paintings that convey the feeling of the landscape through traditional representation.


  • Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale
  • "Cowgirl Up" Art Show and Sale


Pink Twilight
Passing Storm 1
Golden Glimmer
Autumns Creek
Red Hot
Study Red Hot
Radiant Reds
Orange Sun
Golden Sunset
Soft Oranges
Magenta Cascade
Summer Hollyhocks
Spring Sunshine
Blossoming Desert
Afternoon Light
Open Road
Turning Gold
Flooding Light
Desert Beauty
Colorado Summer
Sun and Snow
Drizzly Morning
Scenic Drive
Field At Dusk SOLD
Colorful Clouds SOLD
Winter Warmth SOLD
Warm Ripple SOLD
Emanating Light SOLD
Coming Rain SOLD
Raging Sky SOLD
From Green to Gold SOLD
Sunrise SOLD
Orange Afterglow SOLD
Glimmer SOLD
Vibrant SOLD
Standing Tall1 SOLD
Final Flames SOLD
Purple Mountain Majesty SOLD
Flickers SOLD
First Light SOLD
Searing Sun SOLD
Burning Day Light SOLD
Incandescence SOLD
Firey SOLD
Distant Warmth SOLD
Blazing Pinks SOLD
Soft Glow SOLD
Swept Away SOLD
Burning Through The Gray SOLD
Awakening SOLD
Yellow Sky SOLD
Red Hollyhocks SOLD
Light SOLD
December Promises SOLD
Cool Night Sky SOLD
Summer Sunset SOLD
Golden Glow SOLD
Burning Light SOLD
Sunny SOLD
Reflecting Fire SOLD
Burning Down SOLD
Autumn SOLD
A Long Winter SOLD
Touched With Sunlight SOLD
Peaceful Flame SOLD
Final Touches SOLD
Daybreak SOLD
Warm Dawn SOLD
When the Dust Storm Settles SOLD
Sun and Rain SOLD
Pink After Glow SOLD
Golden Glow I SOLD
From Green to Gold SOLD
Flames SOLD
Fading Fast SOLD
Cracked Sky SOLD
Burning Light SOLD
Overlook SOLD
Rain and Glow SOLD
Purple Rain SOLD
Summer Storms SOLD
Casting Shadows SOLD
Evening Instensity SOLD
Sunflowers SOLD
Fading Away SOLD
Dancing Poppies SOLD
The Road to Somewhere SOLD
Morning Atmosphere SOLD
Greens of Summer SOLD
Grand Finale SOLD
Fading to Night SOLD
Coming Night SOLD
Colors of the Dawn SOLD
Summer Hillside SOLD
Rising Sun SOLD
In the Spotlight SOLD
Glowing Sun SOLD
Evening Light SOLD
Desert Rain SOLD
Cool Evening Rain SOLD
Calescent Sunrise SOLD
A New Beginning SOLD
Spring Rain SOLD
Fiery Night SOLD
After the Rain SOLD
Evening Reflections SOLD
Sunlit Sage SOLD
Rain and Shine SOLD
Alpine Summer SOLD
Radiant Night SOLD
Rain and Shine (Study) SOLD
Warm Light SOLD
Distant Rain SOLD
Glowing Desert Study SOLD
Daybreak SOLD
Morning Light SOLD
Bursting Sun SOLD
Nightfall SOLD
Alpen Glow SOLD
Reflecting SOLD
Glowing Desert SOLD
Blazing Sun SOLD
Soft Evening Sun SOLD
Moody Night SOLD
Cloudy Dawn SOLD
Autumn Aspen Grove SOLD
Illuminating Light SOLD
Sun and Rain SOLD
Gleaming Sunset SOLD
Down in the Aspen Grove SOLD
Seascape Big Island SOLD