Jeremy Doss


Jeremy Doss (b. 1976) grew up in north Alabama. Spending time in nature gave him a heart to paint the beauty of the outdoors... but that is not where his talent stops. He also has a passion for painting figures and still life as well. He paints in oils with a mixture of impressionism and realism. He is mostly self-taught and prefers the alla prima style of painting. In a word he is diverse as an artist. He has come to know that the Lord is why he paints.  He said " There is no way I can recreate what has been masterfully created nor do I want to try. Yet, I have been privileged to paint how it makes me feel.  He hopes that as the viewer looks at a painting, they sense hope and peace". 


The Stages of Autumn
As the Storm Passes
Buffalo SOLD
Majestic Stand SOLD
The Old Place SOLD
A River Cuts Through It SOLD