Jacquelyn Lancaster


I am deeply motivated by the desire that is born in all of us which is to create something beautiful. This creation comes from my mind, my heart and deep within my soul. Then comes the desire to share this creation with others. The emotions from this can be overwhelming. The fear that I may be rejected or misunderstood, to the elation of knowing that I have brought pleasure to another's heart.  Art has always been a part of my life. I started on mosaic skulls by accident, though. I had been making jewelry and had quite a collection of beads, silver, turquoise and stones. One day our dog brought home a small deer skull. I took it from him and placed is on my work table.  Seeing it there among the jewelry captivated my imagination. This was my first mosaic. It has become a passion for me. I focus, I meditate and I am calm as I watch the mosaic take on a life of its own.  My inspiration comes from my creator. He gave us all the desire to create. Nature provides me with the animal skulls and many of the materials that I use. I have always lived on acreage and as a child I collected anima bones and found them fascinating but also sad because the animal was gone. Now I feel that a one beautiful creature can be immortalized for all to appreciate. 


Longhorn Skull Turquoise SOLD
Longhorn Skull Gold SOLD
Buffalo Skull Copper SOLD