Gene Speck


Gene Speck is something of a phenomenon as a painter in that he is virtually self taught. Born in South Dakota in 1936, he did not turn his attention towards the arts until the age of 35. Successful in a variety of careers, it was through watching his brother in local art shows that he decided to begin painting. Art came easily to him, like a natural gift, and his first paintings showed talent. Speck presented his talents in a street art show and sold several paintings. With this encouragement he decided to aim his sights towards becoming a professional artist and turned his full attention and discipline upon refining his skills. Speck moved to Nevada in 1976 to fulfill his dream of owning and working on a ranch. He lived and painted on his ranch in Dayton for 10 years. From 1987 till 1992, Gene made his home in the pine trees of Mount Rose. In 1989, Gene opened Silver State Gallery in Reno. As a nationally known artist, he has shown in galleries across the United States, including Aspen since 1992. He now lives in the peace and quiet of Nevada. Speck’s paintings are nostalgic in that he paints scenes from the Great Plains that he saw all around him as a child. His depictions of ranch scenes and Indian encampments evoke peaceful and tranquil impressions. Visiting the beautiful terrain of the western states with its majestic mountains, deserts and meadows, he creates compositions that appear true to life, with a special sensitivity and spirit that convey a feeling of timelessness and space. “What incredible detail!” This is the often voiced comment heard from viewers clustered around a Speck painting. The viewers contemplate the pieces in a virtual silence, disturbed only by occasional murmuring and whispering of …”How does he do it?”


Hay Country Barn
Rocky Mountain Camp
Cloudy Skies
Indian Sunset
Mountain Camp
Ready to Ride
Stormy Day
Country Summer SOLD
High Desert SOLD
Summer Days SOLD
Path To Home SOLD
Seen Better Years SOLD
Ride On By SOLD
Winter Days SOLD
The Home Gate SOLD
Wish it Would Rain SOLD
Desert Watering Hole SOLD
Break in the Storm SOLD
Early Winter SOLD
Summer Time Adventure SOLD
Blue Bonnets and Gold SOLD
The Old Road House SOLD