These are the finest in natural art fossil fish and stone products. This medium is fossil-rich calcium carbonate shale from a private quarry in Southwestern Wyoming. From this stone, deposited 50 million years ago as sediment in a large freshwater lake, we can provide individual fossil specimens, artistic fossil murals, and other stone products for museums, private collectors, interior designers and architects. All fossil fish are collected and prepared in adherence to strict guidelines established by the American Association of Paleontological Suppliers Code of Ethics, State and Federal Laws.


Coffee Table
Fossil Lake Classic 2
Fossil Lake Classic 3
Irregular Sting Ray
Mosaic Lake
Mosaic Lake 2
Mosaic Lake 1
Upper Layers Sculpture
Upper Layers Sculpture 2
Palm Frond
Large Natural Console Table
Rectangular Coffee Table
Fossil Lake Classic 1 SOLD
Irregular Palm Flower SOLD