Dustin Payne CA


Dustin Payne represents the third generation of professional western sculptors in his family, so it comes as no surprise that the trade was a natural path for him. On his mother’s side he is a descendant of Hiram Daugherty and Mary Jane Goodnight, the sister of Texas Cattle King, Charlie Goodnight. Goodnight and Oliver Loving brought the first longhorns across country from Texas, inaugurating the cattle drive era. As a child, Dustin was heavily influenced by the historical nature of his father and grandfather's work. He feels fortunate to have always been surrounded by great artists and mentors, and to have been brought up around horses and ranching. His passion for the western lifestyle and western American history fuels his desire to preserve the past in the art he creates.


  • Gold Medal for Sculpture 2021 CAA
  • Ray Swanson Memorial Award 2021 CAA
  • Cowboy Artists of America Member 2017- CA
  • Jackson Hole Arts Festival Quick Draw
  • Calgary Stampede Western Showcase


Charles Autobees
Tales of the Trail
King of the North
The Smoke Talker
Comanche Ways
Pride of the Cavvietta
Across The Caldera
High Plains Racer
Luck Of The Draw
Leaving the High Country
Song of September
The Range Colt CA
The Vantage Point CA
The Midnight Storm (CA)
 Wind River Sentinel (CA)
Keeper of the Sage
The Legend, The Lore, The Law. Texas Rangers STUDY
Big Medicine
The Mustang Runner
On the Edge of the Wild
Mysteries of the Riverbed
Texas Rangers
Father of the Trail, Oliver Loving
Charles Goodnight
1800s Ranger
Texas Rangers, The Legend, The Lore, The Law
Friends in High Places
Cactus Jack
Prairie Allies
The Trailblazer
Waitin Around
West of the Pecos
Wyoming Native
Wind River Raiders
Whispering Winds
Timberline Drifter
Tall in the Saddle
Taking the High Road
Born in the Yellowstone
Call of Duty
Chisholm Trails Blues
Distant Drums
Distant Shadows
Dodge City
Eye of the Storm
Fiddler of the West
In the Willows
Lakota Medicine
Legends of the Mountain
Monarchs of the Prairie
Mustang Runner
No Reservations
Old Blue
Rough Road to Tombstone
Season of Peace
Spring on the Divide
Walkin the Line
Distant Shadows
Ties that Bind
Prairie Allies SOLD OUT
He Walks on Water SOLD OUT


Luck Of The Draw
High Plains Racer
Comanche Ways


Ties that Bind
Texas Rangers
Prairie Allies
Distant Shadows


Mysteries of the Riverbed
Father of the Trail, Oliver Loving
Comanche Ways
Charles Goodnight