Deon Duncan


Deon Duncan is a rising talent in figurative sculpture, but her work carries with it a gravitas and subtlety informed by two decades of exploration into the use of art in diverse contexts and media. Upon receiving a Masters of Fine Art from The Art Institute of Chicago, Deon took her training to inner city Chicago and South America (through the Peace Corps) using large murals as a vehicle for teaching life skills.


  • Awarded an Earth Watch grant to study art in West Brazil
  • Awarded a bronze medal by the National Sculpture Society
  • 2016 - Award of Exceptional Merit, Portrait Society of America International Competition
  • Pony Express Monument, Eagle Mountain, Utah Comanche, River Walk, Pueblo Colorado


Jessie James
Hopi Maiden Standing
Hopi Maiden Sitting
Next In Line
The Contortionist
Shy Ann
Coyote and Key
Zuni Water Carrier
Calamity Jane
Acoma Water Carier
Billy the Kid
Pony Express
Hopi Maidens
Swim Series II
Whats Up
Wranglers Roost




Jessie James