Dan Deuter


Dan Deuter is known nationally for his stirring scenes of the west as it was. Dan has combined a lifetime of personal experiences and research of the Old West into his art. His favorite subjects are the mountain men, American Indians and wildlife of the late 1880’s.  Deuter grew up on a ranch in South Dakota. He chased cattle, mended fences, hunted and fished. His life as a cowboy and his deep interest in western history led his art career in that direction, and historically accurate paintings of the Old West are his trademark.  He’s interested in rebuilding historic cabins and repairs old equipment, traps beaver, hunts buffalo, hand-tans hides, and makes buckskin clothing and quivers decorated with beading. That’s why his art is so authentic. He also likes to produce realistic photo shoots for artists across the country.  Dan and Elli live on their ranch near Montrose, Colorado.


Escape Of The River Ghost
Buffalo Bull
Buffalo Sneak
Collision Course
Curly Bill
Deadly Medicine Study
Flying Leap
Growing Horns
Rain, Pool, Respite
The Deuce of Hearts
War Paints
Yard Boss
Butterfly Girl
Deadly Medicine
Ghost's Escape
Changing Times SOLD
Co-Conspiritors SOLD
Cold Feet SOLD
Dulce SOLD
Not Their Horse SOLD
Thunderbolt SOLD
Pursuit of the Yellow Robe SOLD
Range War SOLD
Road To Riches SOLD
Solitude SOLD
Over The Edge SOLD
His Daughter's Favorite SOLD
Medicine Bull SOLD
Cold Medicine SOLD
March Thaw SOLD
Festus & Zeke Meeting the Gas Man SOLD
Treaty Keeper SOLD
High Steppin' SOLD
Drinking Buddies SOLD
Crossing Guards SOLD
Company for Christmas SOLD
Subtle Warning SOLD
Winter Camp SOLD
Red Willow Camp SOLD
Broken Silence SOLD
Buffalo Bull 2 SOLD
Pushed to the Brink SOLD
Two Faced Buffalo SOLD
Defensive Line SOLD
Spring Break on Willow Creek SOLD
Winter Camp on Willow Fork SOLD