Craig Kosak


The first chapter of my career found me living in the city and travelling the American west seeking answers in the National Parks. While I had not intended to make "western" paintings the influence of the landscape and wildlife was undeniable. In early 2011 I purchased five acres of rural forest on an island in the Salish Sea and built a modest artist's compound named Ravendell. My travels around the west are done. My life, and my work are now about the land and the creatures with whom I live. And the solitude. The local wildlife provide inspiration for paintings that explore my new path. In my quest for more emotive work I've developed an expressive mark making technique using home-made horsehair brushes and special paint formulas. The large underlying strokes give each work a unique texture and are allowed to show through in some areas, revealing the full depth of the painting. Working alone in my rural setting is at times sublime and at others, challenging. More than a bit of courage is required to deal with the solitude and the path it reveals. As my work matures I've found my most faithful companion is color. Inspired by hues of the sea, sky and forest, blocks of color have emerged from the background to become part of the subject matter. I used to say I painted wildlife with colorful backgrounds. Now I say, I paint wildlife and color. It's less about telling a story and more about sharing a feeling.


  • SouthWest Art Magazine February 15, 2012: Following Raven


Chilkat Raven Blanket Red
Stroke of Luck
Grace SOLD
Gando Blanket #1 SOLD
Survivor in Blue SOLD
Rabbits in Love SOLD
Dreamers at Dawn SOLD
Landscape with Arch with Raven SOLD
Chilkat Raven Blanket Black SOLD
Ganado Blanket 2 SOLD
Ganado Blanket SOLD
Dragonfly and Daylilly SOLD
Trickster SOLD
The Sapphire Promise SOLD
The Emerald Promise SOLD
Snow Geese and Harvest Moon SOLD
Return of the Druids SOLD
Prometheus SOLD
Moon Dance SOLD
Grace and Mercy SOLD
Dragonfly and Dahlia SOLD
Diana SOLD
Creative Intent SOLD
Comet SOLD