Want to be an Artist in our Gallery? Who wouldn’t? We’re legit and fun!

Mountain Trails Fine Art believes representing artists is a great honor; we give this process a lot of thought and care. One of our core values is that we are “Art Junkies” and we intentionally seek out the best art from the best artist’s and help give it a voice.  We are always interested in seeing new and established talent.  But before you submit a portfolio, here are a few tips that may help you get through the filtering process.  It’s arduous and extreme! Not really, but we like you to do it right – if you don’t we’re like “sad face, we like them but they can’t do easy things – can they do hard things?”

First, take a look at our website or visit the gallery to understand the nature of our gallery. We’re a unique space, place, and have a variety of art that is top quality from established artists and some up-and-comers.  Make sure your art that you are submitting is relevant & fits the theme of our gallery.  After you are familiar the work we represent and you feel your work would be appropriate for us, please follow these super simple guidelines.  Most people don’t – so do – if you want a fighting chance.
Submissions are accepted via mail or e-mail; e-mail is preferred big time.
Walk-in submissions will be looked at By Appointment Only.
People do just walk in sometimes and say “take a look at this,” and expect us to be free or drop everything ad talk for 30 minutes to an hour about their art.  Not a good way to start.  Do I show up at your house at breakfast and expect you to have a table setting for me? Nope. Sure don’t. 
To arrange appointment, please email:  or call (505) 983-7027

Mail physical submissions to: Mountain Trails Fine Art | 200 Old Santa Fe Trail | Santa Fe, NM 87501
Or email to:  -Put "Artist Submission" in the subject.

Please include the following information:
Contact Info:
- Name, address, phone, email etc.
- Include your website if you’ve got one, a website is one of those thinggys that shows your art online. Yep.
- Please include awards, exhibitions, prominent collections, and other pertinent information such as featured articles in publications etc.  Also your favorite ice cream flavor is relevant.

Photographs of Artwork: Minimum of 5 and Maximum of 10
- for physical mail (aka Old School): Color print outs of artwork
- For E-Mail: No more than 5-10 images and make um small size like 900x900 pixels please!
- Please include title, medium, size and retail price in a concise list in the body of the email, not attached.
- Do not send original artwork to me in the mail.  If you do I plan to hang it in my home because I won’t send it back to you. Seriously.

You may want to also include:
-Other galleries you show in: We like some and don’t like others quite so much.  It helps us check your judgment making abilities.
-Shows, Art Sales, and Exhibitions where you have sold art: so we can validate your prices
-Marketing media such as brochures and catalogues featuring your work
- We also accept money, bribes that include trips to some place warm and has a beach, and beer or jerky.

For any physical mail submissions: Include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope that actually fits all the stuff you sent us - if you want your portfolio returned.  If we don’t have it, we “file it” in the garbage.