Roger Calhoun


This unique firing technique involves pulling the hot piece from the kiln and applying horsehair. Black carbon lines are left behind as the horsehair smokes the clay form. Arizona native Roger Calhoun was first introduced to ceramics in high school and has been making pottery ever since. He sharpened his skills working in production pottery houses throughout the southwest and New York. In 1990 Roger returned to Arizona and started his own business specializing in hand thrown stoneware, raku and horse hair pottery. Roger has always loved raku and horse hair because the potter is involved in the firing of every piece. “I call raku a fire dance because the artist has to be on top of all the elements involved- fire, correct temperature and proper reduction. I don't know what the finished piece will look like until I open the reduction chamber and see.” Rogers' horse hair work is known for its striking glaze and metallic oxide combinations


  • San Diego Festival of the Arts, 2015
  • Clay Hands Gallery and Studio


Raku Horse Hair Brown
Raku Horse Hair Copper
Raku Horse Hair Green
Raku Horse Hair Orange
Raku Horse Hair Red
Raku Horse Hair Red
Raku Horse Hair Black Ammonite 2
Raku Horse Hair Black Platter Set
Raku Horse Hair Green Set 2
Raku Horse Hair Red Swirl
Raku Horse Hair Black SOLD
Raku Horse Hair Black Ammonite SOLD
Raku Horse Hair Green SOLD
Raku Horse Hair Green Squiggle SOLD
Raku Horse Hair Red Platter Set SOLD
Raku Horse Hair Green Stone SOLD
Raku Horse Hair Green Lamp SOLD