Ray Swanson


Resales are pieces either purchased by the gallery outright, or pieces that are being offered on behaf of our clients.  These are usually some of the best deals in town.  Please e-mail offers to mountaintrailsfineart@yahoo.com


Nick Coleman-
Ernest Hennings-
Ray Swanson-
Amy Poor-
Amy Poor-
Gene Speck-Wish It Would Rain
Vic Payne - Braveheart Maquette
Vic Payne-The Hunter Becomes the Hunted -Maquette
Vic Payne-White Squall
Vic Payne-Thunder on the Mountains
Vic Payne-Love of the Wild Places John Colter
Ken Rowe-Where Thunder Shakes the Ground
Sue Kryzston,
Tommy Macaione -
Oleg Stavrowsky- SOLD
Walt Horton-Smoke Trout SOLD
Vic Payne-Theres A Vallery Ahead SOLD